Available for your listening and reading pleasure are the books and audio CD's 

In the Playhouse of My Mind, Scattered Rainbows, and Life on a Seesaw.

These hard cover table top books are of the highest quality.  For more information go to http://circleoflifetrilogy.yolasite.com   or  http://fp1.centurytel.net/playhouseofmymind

or http://funkeoriginals.com

Circles, Diamonds, Concaves      Handmade Paper

Circles  Handmade Paper

Circles        Handmade Paper 

Indian with One Pearl         Handmade Paper 

Building Blocks        Handmade Paper 

Iowa Sunset            Pulp Painting

 Flying Geese Squared     Handmade Paper

Amish Goose           Handmade Paper

Three Coins   Handmade Paper

Three Coins        Handmade Paper 

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